Bestsellers of Category

Alux 1L

£6.70 inc. Vat

Thorough cleaning strongly polluted aluminium wheel rims

Concentrated, anticorrosive product, designed for periodic cleaning of the strongly polluted elements from aluminium, light metals and stainless steel.

Bestsellers of Category

Car Shine 1L

£7.15 inc. Vat

Paintwork shine & care

Ready to use product, designed for nurturing all kinds of clean car paint and other shiny surfaces.

Active Foams And Powders

Truck Clean 1L – active foam

£9.36 inc. Vat

Washing trucks and tarpaulins – active foam

Concentrated, strong alkaline product with wide range of use.

Bestsellers of Category

Textil Wash 1L

£10.18 inc. Vat

Washing seats, textile rugs, upholsteries – textiles

Product designed for cleaning textile surfaces with extractive or manual (brush, sponge) method.

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