You should always buy your disinfectants from trusted and professional manufacturers because only such products are safe and effective.
We are the masters of disinfection and have been in the production for over 20 years.
Our disinfectants can be found in hospitals, schools, medical industry, food industry, etc.

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Bestsellers of Category

Gran Clor 2006 1L

£4.55 inc. Vat

Active chlorine washing and disinfection

Very efficient and highly alkaline washing-disinfecting product, based on active chlorine.

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Bathroom and Toilets

Sapone Dez Extra 1L

£6.26 inc. Vat

Liquid soap for disinfecting hands

Disinfecting liquid soap for washing hands, based on quaternary ammonium compounds.

Bathroom and Toilets


£8.40 inc. Vat

Hand and ANY Surface Disinfectant with a virucidal effect

Virucidal – Kills SARS-CoV-2, MERS, etc.

Out of stock


De-Zal E 1L

£11.27 inc. Vat

Hand disinfection with virucidal effect

Product for hygienic hand disinfection with virucidal effect.

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