Bestsellers of Category

Office Clean 1L

£6.29 inc. Vat

Cleaning furniture and office equipment

Preparation of the general-purpose, ready to use.

Bathroom and Toilets

TopEfekt® SANIT 1L

£6.55 inc. Vat

Daily cleaning of the sanitary rooms and their accessories

Delicate, acidic, washing-nurturing gel, designed for everyday cleaning of the sanitary facilities.

Bathroom and Toilets

UNI Shine GT 1L

£6.89 inc. Vat

Cleaning and nurturing with polishing

Ready to use, all-purpose washing-nurturing product with a pleasant and fresh aroma.

Bathroom and Toilets


£7.32 inc. Vat

All-purpose cleaning-degreasing product, designed for removing impurities of organic origin

Cleans, washes, degreases and removes stains. Recommended for industrial and household use.

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