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Floor Strippers

TFC Striper 1L

£7.18 inc. Vat

Removing old polymer layers from hard floors

Alkaline product designed for removing old or damaged polymer layers.

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TFC Spray Cleaning 1L

£8.90 inc. Vat

Renewing polymer layers (stone and elastic floors)

Product designed for renewing polymer layers on the floors.


Top Klin GT 600ml

£9.58 inc. Vat

Spot cleaning

Ready to use specialistic cleaner without any greasy or abrasive substances.


TFC Wash Care 1L

£11.30 inc. Vat

Daily washing hard floors (stone and elastic)

Washing-nurturing product, designed for daily washing hard floors (stone and elastic) that were strengthened by polymer coating (TFC Coating).

Difficult Contaminants

PUNKT Multi Cleaner 300ml

£15.14 inc. Vat

Spot cleaning - aerosol

Ready to use product, based on natural dissolvents and alcohols, designed for spot cleaning marker stains, bubble gum, glue from stickers,

Out of stock


TFC Coating 1L

£18.82 inc. Vat

Hard floors maintenance (stone and elastic)

Self-glossing acrylic emulsion, designed for periodic maintenance of the hard floors (stone and elastic).

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