We offer a wide range of professional detergents, including environment-friendly ones, to get rid of dirt off any surface and device at home. In order to keep your house spotless, make use of professional products only, as they usually prove much better than typical detergents available through retail sale. Such professional cleaning agents are more efficient as well as effective, faster to take effect, less time-consuming and eventually less costly. We are the masters of professional cleaning agents available at good prices. We have been producing such agents for over 20 years and supply them to milion places and homes around the world.

Typical retail product = discolored water, more money to spend on in the run, more time-consuming, worse effects, less efficiency.

Compare such a typical retail product with our 1 of top-sellers:

Watch it -> TOP GLASS 1L– efficiency up to 1000 m² of the cleaned glass Surface !!!

If you are interested in wholesale purchases. If you want discounts. If you want to cooperate B2B.
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