Car Interior


£7.08 inc. Vat

Professional gloss booster and finish for clean car paint, glass and chrome

Removes light dust and waterspots and is safe for every kind of coating.

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P14Si GT 700ml

£7.20 inc. Vat

Ceramic-based coating suitable for the car paint, glass, rubber and plastic parts

Gives strong hydrophobic effect with high gloss of painted surfaces.

Maintenance of Quartz Coatings

P14Si – Concentrate 700ml

£12.00 inc. Vat

Hyper hydrophobic quartz protection

Ceramic-based coating safe for all kinds of surfaces: paint, glass, rubber and plastic.

Maintenance of Quartz Coatings

RLS 700ml

£15.60 inc. Vat

Liquid ceramic coating reloader

Technologically advanced product for renovation of quartz coatings.

Bestsellers of Category

PC1 700ml

£21.60 inc. Vat

Crystal gloss premium polymer WAX

Very easy-to-use paint protection based on quartz, carnauba and PTFE.

Maintenance of Quartz Coatings

SLS 700ml

£25.20 inc. Vat

Extra slick hydrophobic ceramic on top finish and reloader

Innovative milk for finishing of ceramic paint coating.

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