Bestsellers of Category

Gx – Glass 50ml

£24.00 inc. Vat

Ultra clear, easy-to-clean quartz glass protection

Invisible wiper ideal for glass surfaces: windows, mirrors and glass.


R1 – Rims 50-250ml

£34.80£86.40 inc. Vat

Nano-ceramic coating for rims. Dedicated for chrome, aluminum and paint-coated rims

Super hydrophobic effect and protection from water, dust, salt and UV-rays.

Bestsellers of Category

Q7 – Crystal

£37.20£92.40 inc. Vat

Super hydrophobic crystal gloss permanent quartz paint coating

Well-known ceramic coating applied successfully on thousands of cars around the world.


Q10 – Flexi

£42.00£120.00 inc. Vat

Extra hydrophobic permanent on top quartz paint coating

Advanced ceramic paint protection that combines hardness, flexibility, and a high-gloss effect.


T1 Titanium 2×50 ml

£49.20 inc. Vat

Innovative long-lasting paint protection defined by ultimate hardness of titanium particles

Its maximum efficiency is achieved by applying an activator together with coating.

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